1. Sponsorships Needed for Job

Job Dieussaint is 17 years old and lives at Alex’s House. He is a wonderful young man who enjoys being around people and is always so respectful toward others.  After high school, Job wants to study to become a mechanic. In his spare time, he loves to work on broken electrical devices allowing him to learn how things work. If you feel led to be a part of Job’s future, we would like to invite you to participate in our sponsorship program! Click here to set up sponsorship payments for Job. You may also contact Steve Haddix at steve@disciplesvillage.org if you have questions.



2. DV Schools Back in Session

The DV schools throughout our partnering villages opened for the new school year on September 13th. Our students and teachers are excited to be back! We have 579 students enrolled in our schools and fortunately this has created 112 jobs! We started off the new school year serving lunches in all six of our schools and we are proud to share that we are serving 1,139 meals per week and 4,556 meals per month!



3. Parents Given Opportunity to Work for Tuition

 Helping people help themselves is vital for creating a sense of pride and ownership! The parents of Disciples’ Village School students are asked to pay as little as 500 Haitian Gourdes ($5.00 USD) for each of their students to attend school for the year. Some of our parents are not able to pay even this small amount of money so we offer them an opportunity to work in the school to cover their portion of tuition fees. Three days of work equates to the cost for one child. Pictured is Kettie Dortiné and she has 3 children in school at Cadanette. She is helping in the kitchen so each of her children can go to school. She will work a total of 9 days to cover their school tuition.



4. Alex’s House Schools Back in Session

Our children at Alex’s House started back to school on September 21st! Everyone is adjusting well and thrilled to be back in a routine. We are so grateful for all our donors who make education possible for each of our children! Thank you for your generous support! Please join us in prayer for our teachers and students this upcoming school year.



5. New School Superintendent Hired for DV Schools

We are excited to welcome Jean Pierre Anis as the new Superintendent over our Disciples’ Village Schools. Jean holds a degree in education science and formerly served as Director of Cadanette school for 2 years. Jean is doing an excellent job in this role, and we are so thankful to have him serve our students and faculty this upcoming school year. During the past 5 years, Pastor Ensor served as our Superintendent, but unfortunately, he suffered a stroke last year and needs to spend more time caring for his health and focusing on recovery. Please pray for Pastor Ernso’s health.



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