1) Full time electricity for Kid’s Cottages –  $30,000

Did you know that our children and houseparents only have electricity for about 5 hours a day?  Please give to provide 24/7 electricity for fans and lights.
Girl’s Cottage   $7,000
Older Boy’s Cottage $7,000
Younger Boy’s Cottage $7,000
Kubota Lowboy Generator   $9,000

2) Vehicle for Jamey Davis family in Dominican Republic $8,000

Did you know that Pastor Jamey Davis and family are moving to the D.R. to start a DV ministry there? Please donate to provide them with dependable transportation.

3) Running Water for DV and AH campus   $4,500

Did you know that for the last few years we have no running water at Alex’s House?  We have a well and pump, but still need a pump house and solar system to get the water from the ground.

4)  Dunlap Missionary House:   $7,500

The Dunlap Missionary House houses both staff and voluntary missionaries.  Please give to help purchase 16 Batteries to bring this system back to working order. 
5) AH College Fund $15,000
Jeff and Jerry Jean are our first two (young men) to graduate from college, however we have many more nearing high school graduation.  Please give to help our children have a successful future. 

Total Christmas Wishlist: $65,000

How do I Give to Disciple’s Village?

There are three ways to give to Disciple’s Village. Find the one that best suits you and click the button listed below to be taken to the appropriate page.

Sponsor a Child

You can make a radical difference in the life of a poverty-stricken child by providing them with an education or a hot meal during each school day.

Click the button below to view available sponsorships.

General Donation

Your support does not go unnoticed or return void. No amount is too small or too large. This is a very easy way to participate in what God is doing through Disciple’s Village.

Click the button below to make a donation to Disciple’s Village.Click the button below to view available sponsorships.

Missionary Support

Our Disciples Village Missionary Team can give their lives to full-time missions by giving like yours. To support one of our missionaries monthly or to give a one-time donation, click the link below.Click the button below to view available sponsorships.

Healthy Moms / Healthy Babies

The most vulnerable in Haiti are mothers and children under age 5.  In Haiti, 1 in every 285 mothers dies in childbirth; compare to 1 in 5000 in the U.S.  In Haiti, 1 out of every 14 children dies before age 5.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  There are skilled Haitian medical facilities ready to provide prenatal care, delivery, even c-sections.  And they can provide vital immunizations to the children as they grow.  But pregnant moms in most rural Haitian villages simply can’t afford it.  We can help change this.

Click the button below to make a donation to Disciple’s Village.Click the button below to view available sponsorships.

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