1) Support Our Haitian Heroes: Our Staff Who Sacrifice Daily to Carry Out Our Mission Goals –  $30,000


Because our American staff has been unable to be in Haiti, you may be wondering – “without American leadership on the ground in Haiti, who is running our ministries?” The answer is powerful yet simple – our Haitian leaders. We’ve had twelve years to build up, train and disciple our Haitian leadership team, and praise be to God, they have proven themselves trustworthy and faithful time and time again. Because of their faithfulness to God and their love for our Alex’s House children and the villages we support, all of our ministries have continued to thrive under the guidance of their leadership.Yet, they have paid a great price for their faithfulness. While all ministry expenses are paid through our general budget, our staff and workers’ salaries have continued to shrink due to the out of control inflation that has plagued the country. For instance, in the past year:

·  A 25lb bag of rice was$25. It is now $52!

·  A 50lb bag of beans was $40. It is now $71!

·  1 gallon of diesel fuel was $3.63. It is now $15.86!

·  1 gallon of gas was $2.20. It is now $19.00!

Our kitchen workers and cleaners used to pay $.48 a day to get to work on the Tap Tap (a pickup truck with people in the back). They are now having to pay $1.90 a day!

We are asking you to be a blessing to these faithful people. This year we are seeking to raise money to make a generous donation to our Haitian Heroes, who sacrifice daily to carry out our mission goals in Haiti.

2) Support Our Haitian Heroes: the Medical Ministry of Dr. Mark and Kathy Fulton in Haiti – $15,000

For the past 7 years, Disciples’ Village has partnered with Dr. Mark and Kathy Fulton of Reformee Hospital, located 5 miles south of our Disciples’ Village campus. These dear friends carry a tremendous weight of ministry. Not only do they assist our own Dr. Clay Smith in our Healthy Moms / Healthy Babies program, but they are also our first call when our Alex’s House children and staff are ill.

On any given day you will find Dr. Mark treating the most desperate medical cases in Haiti. From a grossly malnourished child, to a three year old with a tumor aggressively growing out of her eye socket, to motorcyclist who lost a leg in a road accident, to a wife attacked by her husband with a machete – they all arrive on the the door steps of Reformee Hospital, with Dr. Mark and Kathy as their only hope.

Their courage and love for the Haitian people can only be explained by their unwavering commitment to Jesus. On many occasions, gang members have forced their way onto the hospital campus. Dr. Mark has been taken from his home and driven into the darkness to treat an injured and dying gang member. Kathy left behind praying for her husband’s safety and Dr. Mark ministering at the threat of his own life. Yet through these unimaginable fears, they continue to serve “the least of these.”

Please bless the ministry of our dear friends with a generous love offering. We are praying for $15,000 to help them continue their courageous ministry in Haiti.

3) Feed the Hungry in our Partnering Villages – $15,000

All across Haiti, food prices have doubled and tripled. This has left many families unable to buy food and clean water. Even before this recent food crisis, many people could only eat every other day. They need our help now more than ever.

4)  General Fund – $50,000

Did you know that between Alex’s House Orphanage, our six schools, our feeding programs, partnering villages, and approximately 140 staff members, our monthly budget is between $25,000 and $30,000? That’s a significant amount of money to raise each month. Yet, through the years as our ministry and responsibilities have grown, so too has your generosity and giving. Please continue to pray for our ministry in Haiti and help us stay financially strong by making a donation to our General Fund.

How do I Give to Disciples’ Village?

There are three ways to give to Disciples’ Village. Find the one that best suits you and click the button listed below to be taken to the appropriate page.

Sponsor a Child

You can make a radical difference in the life of a poverty-stricken child by providing them with an education or a hot meal during each school day.

Click the button below to view available sponsorships.

General Donation

Your support does not go unnoticed or return void. No amount is too small or too large. This is a very easy way to participate in what God is doing through Disciples’ Village.

Click the button below to make a donation to Disciples’ Village. Click the button below to view available sponsorships.

Missionary Support

Our Disciples’ Village Missionary Team can give their lives to full-time missions by giving like yours. To support one of our missionaries monthly or to give a one-time donation, click the link below. Click the button below to view available sponsorships.

Healthy Moms / Healthy Babies

The most vulnerable in Haiti are mothers and children under age 5.  In Haiti, 1 in every 285 mothers dies in childbirth; compare to 1 in 5000 in the U.S.  In Haiti, 1 out of every 14 children dies before age 5.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  There are skilled Haitian medical facilities ready to provide prenatal care, delivery, even c-sections.  And they can provide vital immunizations to the children as they grow.  But pregnant moms in most rural Haitian villages simply can’t afford it.  We can help change this.

Click the button below to make a donation to Disciples’ Village. Click the button below to view available sponsorships.

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