We believe in investing heavily in the villages of Haiti; giving long-term direction, support and training.

Our main campus in Kaliko operates as a central hub. From it, we partner with villages all over Haiti to support pastors, offer free education to children, and improve living conditions. Through these means, we strive toward the goal of making disciples of Jesus Christ.
Each village we partner with has three appointed leaders; a pastor, a principal and a village director. These leaders work hand in hand to transform the village through spiritual direction, educational opportunities, and community advancement.

Village Pastor


  • sound Biblical teaching
  • shepherding the village church
  • spiritual leadership

Village Principal

  • oversees village school
  • adult and child education
  • teaches with a Biblical worldview


Village Director


  • oversees clean water source
  • micro-loans
  • common village project
  • suitable housing
  • sanitation

The Result?


Through discipleship lives are changed, hope replaces despair, and light begins to characterize communities.


Through education, the future and fabric of a village is drastically changed. It leads to job opportunities, which means less children on the streets and more hope for families.


Through clean water, sanitation, job training, and solid housing communities are transformed from hazardous and hopeless to safe and thriving.

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