Why Healthy Moms | Healthy Babies?

On a trip in 2018, I was caring for a 3 year-old who was the size of a one year-old. She had pneumonia, and I was afraid she would die. I had been praying that the Lord would help me make a more sustained impact in Haiti. This was my answer. We needed to focus on moms and babies.

Healthy moms means fewer orphans. Healthy babies means these children will be ready to learn, grow, know Christ, and impact their villages for the good of people and for the gospel of Christ. As they grow, start businesses, and raise families of our own, there will no longer be a need for this partnership at all. In fact, that’s our goal. Clay Smith

Our Concern

In Haiti, 1 in 14 children die before age 5.

In Haiti, 1 in 285 mothers die in childbirth.

Our Vision

Over the next 10 years, we aim to provide 500 mothers and 500 children with proper nutrition, healthcare, and discipleship. Our goals are:


  • Zero maternal deaths during childbirth
  • 90% of deliveries (in our partnering villages) in a healthcare facility
  • Cut mortality of children under the age of 5 by 75%

Our Plan

Partnership in Gospel

Your Role

In faith, join us in our mission to see our Haitian brothers and sisters flourish.


  • Sponsor expectant mothers in our five villages
  • Pray for moms and babies you sponsor and our nurses in the field
  • Pray for gospel opportunities for our nurses and staff
  • Get involved – visit DV and see the impact you’re making
  • Receive progress updates
    Rejoice in what God is doing!

Our Role

In faith, we have already hired two skilled Haitian nurses in order to:


  • Identify and enroll expectant moms
  • Arrange for prenatal care and delivery in local hospitals
  • Follow-up, help with lactation
  • Prenatal and infant care education
  • Infant/child follow-up for five years
  • Maternal/infant vitamins, childhood vaccinations, care for acute illness
  • Track and report outcomes

Here’s How You Can Help!

Together, we can reduce maternal and child mortality in our five rural Haitian villages and touch 1,000 lives – 500 mothers and children – with the gospel of Christ over the next ten years. We are praying this will save the lives of up to 25 children and 2 of their moms. Imagine, 27 funerals that won’t happen.

Cost per mother/child pair is only $600 (or $50/month) total for five years of follow-up and includes:


  • All prenatal care and delivery in a healthcare facility
  • Maternal and newborn care education
  • Follow-up with moms and babies to help with nutrition, clean water, vitamins, antiparasitic treatment, and watching for signs of acute illness

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