1. Sponsorships Needed for Alex’s House

We are still in need of 65 sponsors for our Alex’s House Children. Unfortunately, we have been operating with a deficit each month and would like to ask that you please prayerfully consider sponsoring one or more of our Alex’s House kids. Each child needs a total of 5 sponsors: 1 daily bread, 1 education and 3 life skill (college/professional education) sponsors. The following link will take you directly to the children in need of sponsorships. You may also reach out directly to Steve Haddix at Steve@disciplesvillage.org with questions.



2. Mission Teams Return to Haiti

We are so excited to have mission teams serving on the ground in Haiti once again! Recently, Hub City of Spartanburg, SC spent a week constructing new benches for the school in Viello. They were also able to complete much-needed repairs at Alex’s House such as multiple screen replacements and electrical repairs. Another group of young adults from South Carolina under the direction of group leader Don Lawrimore spent a week serving in the village at Dahl. They were able to complete the new construction of 2 homes and made repairs to 2 additional homes. On the last day of ministry, Don and the group hiked up to Viello to help our AH boys with the archery ministry. We are thrilled to report that Pastor Job of Viello hit the target, and everyone had a great time! Both mission teams were great encouragement to us, and we are humbled to serve alongside such wonderful people in Haiti!




3. A Bittersweet Departure

We want to congratulate Brooke Carson, former DV Host and Alex’s House Children’s Director on her recent engagement to Frankie Cunningham! Brooke recently transitioned back to the states and though we are extremely happy for her, we will selfishly miss her presence in Haiti. Brooke, thank you for all you’ve done for Disciples’ Village and the love you’ve shown to our staff and children at Alex’s House. We pray many blessings over you and Frankie as you move into the next season of your lives!



4. The 2020-2021 DV School Year is Finally Over

We’re so thankful for all the hard work and commitment of our teachers and students after a long and challenging school year. Our students were so excited to be taking their final exams for a school year that literally took two years to complete. We’ll have our success numbers to report in next month’s DV update. For all of you that prayed for our schools, staff and students, we send out a great big THANK YOU!




5. June Baptism    

Markenson, affectionately known as TitTit, was baptized in early June!  His story is one that never gets old. A few months ago, TitTit showed up at an in-home Bible study in the village at Kaliko. He was noticed outside the door by attendees and requested to speak with Pastor Greg. Honestly, the rest is history! That night, TitTit surrendered his life to Jesus and has been serving the Lord ever since. Markenson is the young man who is responsible for delivering the “Good News” weekly devotion out into the community much like an “old school” newspaper route.  The older Alex’s House guys invest a lot of time translating the devotions in preparation for the “Good News” to go out!  We are so excited to see how God is using this group of young men!


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