1. 10-Year Anniversary Celebration

Finally! After many months of planning, we rolled out the red carpet on Sunday afternoon at Alex’s House for a wonderful 10-year anniversary celebration!

It wouldn’t be a celebration without an amazing spread of food and we are so thankful to have the opportunity to break bread together in remembrance of all God has done over the last decade!

There were many special moments throughout Sundays celebration as different people sang or shared memories of how far we’ve come since January 2010. Mickey and Ephesian sang a song they wrote as special music.

Founder, Bill Howard shared a few words with those in attendance as he made the announcement to debut the new video, “How Our Story Began.” From the very beginning to the present – This is the story of Disciples’ Village. Special thanks to Wes Howard at www.smalltownfilms.net



2. Pastoral Vision Trip

Missions Director, Jamey Davis hosted a small group of pastors and leaders from churches in Tennessee for a vision trip February 27 – March 5, 2020.

These pastors and leaders spent time observing the work of pastoral training efforts, worked in the village of Cadanette completing a new church building and traveled to several locations and met the Pastors leading our partnering villages. We are praying for the Lord to give clarity and direction about these possible new partnerships.



3. The Smith House

The older girls from Alex’s House are having lots of fun planning the finishing touches on their space in the new transition house. They have been working on their budget under the guidance of Shersty Stanton, Women Advancement Director, planning for paint colors, kitchen items and furnishings. This is an exciting time in the lives of these young ladies and we are so proud of them!



4. New Disciples Village Pastoral Library

Disciples’ Village is proud to announce we have the beginnings of a Pastoral library. In February there were 3 Pastors that had the opportunity to check out books for the first time! They were very thankful to have access to additional study materials in Creole. We will be growing the library resources throughout the year and look forward to serving the Pastoral staff of the DV partnering villages in this way.



5. New Church/School Construction in Cadanette

Feb. 20-27, 2020 a team of multiple churches showed up in Haiti for a week of intense construction to erect a brand new church/school building over the course of 5 days!Thank you to:

Brushy Creek Church
Willow Ridge Church
Village Church
Southside Church
The collaboration between DV and this team has been a great blessing and we are so thankful for their hard work!

Pastor Fresnel of Cadanette shared how they had outgrown the pre-existing space and the new church will allow room for the church to continue to grow. This will also allow for the school to experience growth by adding 6th grade next year.

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