1. Please Pray and Give

Many people have been under a financial strain through the pandemic.  Our ministry has suffered as well.  Due to the stress of the pandemic, the lack of voluntary missionaries coming to minister and the fluctuation of the Haitian dollar, Disciples’ Village is in a difficult position financially.  Please pray for this ministry we all love and make a donation today!  Donate here, OR send a check to Disciples’ Village – PO Box 2101, Lexington, SC 29071

2.  Sponsorships Needed for Sonson

Sonson Cherideson is in the first grade and is 7 years old. He loves the color yellow and like any typical boy, he loves riding his bike and playing with other kids! Over the last year, Sonson is also learning to play soccer. He has an incredible smile, but don’t let your guard down, he also enjoys playing a good prank when he gets the chance!  Click here to set up sponsorship payments for Sonson. You may also contact Steve Haddix at steve@disciplesvillage.org if you have questions.



3.  Lougens “Lou Lou” Jean was Baptized

On ApriI 21st many of the Alex’s House guys gathered at the ocean to support Lou Lou in his decision to follow through with baptism.  Lou Lou has been living in Port au Prince for some time now but made the decision to come back home so he could share among friends and family his decision to be baptized and surrender his life to Jesus. It was awesome to see the support our boys offered Lou Lou as they shared their hearts about how proud they are of him.  It was such a great day!



4.  New Next Generation Group Started

 The Next Generation group originated with some young people meeting every Monday who are considered up and coming church leaders. Due to growing interest in this group and availability challenges, a new Next Generation group was started on Tuesdays to accommodate the schedules of more people. It has absolutely exploded! The new group has met 5 times so far and our most recent meeting had 17 young leaders in attendance! This group travels a bit farther than our original Monday group.  A good number of participants are from St. Marc and the outskirts of Arcahaie. It is so neat to watch these groups grow and mature.  We definitely see growth in biblical understanding from our original Next Generation group that has been meeting for well over a year now.



5.  Funds Raised to Meet Needs in Mayard

We give God all the praise, honor and glory for working through the wonderful people of Summerville Baptist Church led by Pastor Randy. In March, a group from this church did ministry in the village of Mayard where they partner. They noticed the church was in need of a new roof and immediately knew they were committed to raising the funds to replace it! Additionally, they also saw the need for a kitchen to be built and inquired about the cost to have both projects completed. Upon returning to the states, a lady from the group, Ms. Jo took the lead on raising the needed funds and in 3 short weeks they had enough money to replace the roof and build a new kitchen area. Ms. Joe was able to contact and partner with DoTerra Healing Hands, an organization that offers matching funds for approved projects.




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