1. Sponsorships Needed for Woody

Woody is in the 6th grade and wants to become a mechanic. He enjoys playing soccer and running foot races! Woody is a typical 13-year-old mischievous and funny boy, but he also enjoys helping our younger kids at Alex’s House. His favorite subject in school is mathematics. Would you prayerfully consider sponsoring Woody? Click here to set up sponsorship payments. You may also contact Steve Haddix at steve@disciplesvillage.org if you have questions.



2. 2021 Pastor’s Conference was Awesome

It is mind-blowing to watch how God continues to grow the DV Pastor’s Conference each year! A huge highlight was watching our partnering Haitian Pastors take ownership in serving the guests! Each day of the conference we hosted approximately 105-110 pastors. This year’s theme was centered on the miracles of Jesus and the American Pastoral Team did an outstanding job preaching and teaching throughout the week.  At the end of the conference each attendee was presented with a certificate of completion for their training.



3. Announcing New Hires

We are so excited to share that Lenick has accepted a new position at The York House! He is assuming Jean Claude’s prior responsibilities as grounds keeper and will also work with our older Alex’s House boys to help with chores as their school schedule allows. We are so excited about this new opportunity for Lenick! Additionally, Bill and Steve hired a gentleman affectionately known as TuTu from the Village of Dahl to be the guard replacement for Lenick at Alex’s House.



4. Exciting Moves Happening

As a result of the new hires, we’ve had several housing relocations happening in order to accommodate everyone God has led to serve at DV! Lenick moved to Jean Claude’s newly built room and TuTu moved his family of four from the Village of Dahl to Lenick’s small one-room space located at Alex’s House. It’s hard to believe that moving into Lenick’s tiny house would be a step up, but the reality is, it was a giant move forward for this family! Brooke also moved and will occupy the house where Jimmy previously lived. This will allow her to be near the Alex’s House kids as she steps into her new role as the DV Children’s Advancement Director. We are so excited to welcome everyone into their new roles and cannot wait to see the many blessings to come!



5. Learning to Develop Good Sanitation Practices

Beginning in March, all DV School Directors were encouraged by DV School Superintendent, Ernso, as well School Board President, Ganaud Milien to begin talking with students about the importance of taking care of the land where they live and go to school. Each week, time is spent talking about the negative effects of trash and poor sanitation as well as the effects deforestation has on their country. Every Friday, two classes stay after school to pick up trash around the school and throughout the village. We’ve already seen less trash being thrown down as a result of this intentional effort to educate the kids!


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